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Zebrafish Helps Tinnitus:
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Good tidings come in many different forms. In the case of tinnitus, it is in the form of the zebrafish . Zebrafish is helping tinnitus by providing valuable research opportunities for tinnitus related studies. Considering that millions of people world wide have been suffering from tinnitus, it is a wonder why more research is not underway to find a lasting and reliable cure to the problem. Perhaps it is not an attractive enough problem to entice funds.

Most of the studies and research that is associated with tinnitus and has produced valuable insight into the medical condition has come very late and are still too few. Until very recently, the problem of tinnitus was in fact grossly misunderstood and underrated. Most tinnitus suffers were left to themselves to find some kind of relief. Indeed, there are more tinnitus ‘relief’ options today than cure options.

How does zebrafish help tinnitus?

A professor of Molecular pharmacology, Professor Ernest Moore, is credited with insightful research done on zebrafish for purposes of finding a cure to tinnitus. So how can a fish help tinnitus?

·         Zebrafish is a type of tropical fish – one you can find in some aquariums. This fish has body parts closely resembling the human ear.

·         The close resemblance helps in investigations about the functioning of the ear, tinnitus associated behavior, as well as reactions to (and effects of) medications and drugs .

·         After well researched studies on the zebrafish, Professor Moore claims to have arrived at a possible solution to the problem of tinnitus. Studies of the effects of this cure on the zebrafish seem to have yielded positive results.

·         Zebrafish researched drugs contain the possibility of reversing cell behavior in the hair like growth inside the ears. This reversal of cell behavior induces return to normal sounds and hearing functions of the ear.

·         The tinnitus cure that has been produced as a result of tests on zebrafish is now said to be ready for clinical trials on humans. When found successful this tinnitus cure will be readily available in the markets to douse the sounds of tinnitus .

Decisions to choose any kind of tinnitus cure needs to be taken only after consultations with doctors in order to verify the cause of the tinnitus. A lot of times tinnitus is closely related to a more serious condition in the body; a systematic and holistic approach is therefore called for in order to correctly treat tinnitus.


Zebrafish Helps Tinnitus

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Zebrafish Helps Tinnitus

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